Where do you offer shipping?

Currently, I offer shipping to USA and Canada. Send me a message if you want to inquire about an international order.


How long does order processing take? 

I am a one-woman show and I may need up to 4 days to process your order; however, typically it only takes 1-2 days. If you need an order sooner, please send me a message and I will do my best to accommodate your request.


How long does delivery take?

I ship products through Canada post, so the shipping will take about 7 business days. If you require faster shipping, please send me an email before checking out and I can provide pricing for express shipping.


Do you offer returns?

Yes, I do accept returns; however, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Please read the Refund Process under the Policies tab.


How do you calculate the amount for charity donation?

I calculate the 25% donation by tracking the profits earned from each art product. This involves deducting the business expenses associated with running my art business from the total revenue generated by the sale of art products. The resulting net profit is then used to determine the 25% donation.

At the end of the year, I conduct a review to ensure that I've met my commitment to donate 25% of the profits. This involves cross-referencing my donation records with the calculated profits from art product sales. If there are any discrepancies or adjustments needed, I make them to align with my pledge to donate a quarter of the earnings.


Do you have a specific schedule for making donations?

While there isn't a fixed schedule, I aim to make regular donations to ensure ongoing support for the causes I care about. The frequency of donations may vary, but the intention is to contribute consistently throughout the year.


Where does the charity donation go?

Once I have earned enough for a donation, I go and select a charity. The charity selected may be local or abroad, depending on community or global needs. While I may not provide detailed information on every organization or cause I support, I am committed to transparency. Feel free to reach out, and I'll do my best to share general information about the types of causes and organizations that benefit from the art product donations.